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Remember the Essence of Your Ocean Isle Beach Adventure Forever

If you’re looking for the perfect photographer to capture your Ocean Isle Beach photography session, look no further. As a professional photographer with years of experience, I am dedicated to providing my clients with top-quality photos of the unforgettable experiences they create in my presence. My style is recognized as passionate and timeless, with a focus on capturing the emotion and beauty of the moment.

When you choose Carolina Sol Photography, you can expect the very best in luxury products. From wall art to fine art prints, I offer a variety of options to help you display and cherish your memories for years to come. Imagine your family’s portraits hanging in your home, showcasing the stunning beauty of Ocean Isle Beach in the background. Or, consider an heirloom portrait, a timeless piece of art that can be passed down for generations. Whatever your vision, I am the photographer that brings it to life. Let’s compose something beautiful together.

Elevate Your Home with Timeless Ocean Isle Beach Photography

Transform your cherished family moments into exquisite works of art with Carolina Sol Photography. Our unique blend of candid and lifestyle photography captures the true essence of your family against the captivating backdrop of Ocean Isle Beach. Let us paint a picture of the legacy you’ll create – one filled with emotive wall art and stunning photobooks that tell your story for generations to come.

Capturing Authentic Connections

At Carolina Sol Photography, we’re not just photographers; we’re memory weavers. Our passion lies in capturing the genuine, unscripted moments that define your family. By embracing the natural interactions and heartfelt emotions that unfold on Ocean Isle Beach, we create photographs that transport you back to those cherished instances – the laughter, the hugs, and the sheer joy of being together.

Artistry Beyond Photography

Imagine stepping into your home and being greeted by a gallery of emotions – frozen in time, yet brimming with life. Our carefully curated selection of wall art, including canvas wraps and elegant metal prints, transforms your living spaces into a symphony of memories. As you walk past each piece, you’ll be reminded of the sand between your toes, the salty breeze in your hair, and the warmth of your loved ones by your side.

A Tale in Every Book

Our commitment to preserving your family’s legacy extends beyond the walls. Picture yourself flipping through a beautifully designed yearly photobook, each page telling a chapter of your family’s story. With every turn, you relive those special moments that have shaped your journey. From the first rays of sunrise to the soft glow of sunset, your photobook becomes a cherished tradition, passed down through the years.

Crafting Traditions, One Click at a Time

Carolina Sol Photography is not just about capturing moments; we’re about creating lasting traditions. Our photographs aren’t just images; they’re threads woven into the fabric of your family’s history. As you gaze at your wall art and flip through your photobooks, you’ll find yourself immersed in the emotions of each moment, building a connection that transcends time.

Embark on Your Legacy Journey

Ready to turn your family’s memories into artful treasures? Join us on a journey of legacy, love, and connection. Carolina Sol Photography invites you to book your exclusive Ocean Isle Beach session today. Let us be part of your story, crafting photographs that capture the heart and soul of your family while adorning your home with the beauty of your unique journey. Your legacy starts here.

Capture Your Cherished Moments at the Luxurious Ocean Isle Beach

Is Ocean Isle Beach the perfect location for your next photoshoot? Let's make it happen. With the click of a shutter, the natural beauty of this beach will elevate your photos to the next level. Don't wait, book your session now. Let's create something magical together.

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Ocean Isle Beach Photographer
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Where is Ocean Isle Beach located?

What makes Ocean Isle Beach such a great location for photoshoots?

  • Stunning ocean views
  • Sandy beaches
  • Marsh and wetland areas
  • Coastal forests
  • Mild weather year-round
  • Wide range of outdoor locations for photoshoots
  • Access to accommodation options
  • Close proximity to major cities
  • Picturesque sunsets

About The Area

Ocean Isle Beach, located on the southern coast of North Carolina, has a rich history dating back to the late 1800s when it was settled by the Ocean Isle Beach Company. The company, formed by a group of businessmen from Wilmington, purchased the land and developed it into a popular vacation destination. In the early 20th century, the beach became a favorite spot for fishing and relaxation, and it has continued to attract visitors from all over the country.

Breath-taking views that will inspire any adventurers.

Ocean Isle Beach is an easy-going little seaside town in Brunswick County, North Carolina. Not only does Ocean Isle have breathtaking views and unlimited adventures, but the land itself also has a deep history too. People from all over the world come to enjoy this little slice of paradise. Ocean Isle Beach, or OIB, is known as the “Gem of the Brunswick Islands” – for good reason too. This man-made barrier island all started as a dream by a man who transformed the area into what it is today. Families from all over the world vacation in Ocean Isle Beach for its soft sand beaches and laid-back atmosphere. During the busy summer season, the town puts on different events in the town center park including summer concerts, incredible local restaurants, homemade ice cream, put putt mini golf, movies in the park, and more. Oh yeah, and did I mention the world-class beach? Ocean Isle Beach is one of the most popular of the South Brunswick Islands for families. It’s easy to see why. OIB has grown from a man’s dream to the perfect beach getaway for families and couples.

Natural beauty is abundant in Ocean Isle Beach. The mainland features many live oak trees along the Intracoastal waterway. The Island has soft sand, tall dunes, and beach grass blowing in the breeze. The iconic OIB pier stretches out into the Atlantic and is a perfect location for beach family portraits!

Unique opportunity to see rare sea turtles!

Ocean Isle Beach is a turtle nesting ground for several species including endangered loggerhead turtles. It is important to keep this in mind, especially when visiting during the nesting season months between April – October. I prefer to shoot during sunset hours to get the best light and colorful skies, and turtles often boil around the same time. I have had turtles hatch right next to us during a family photo shoot on the beach! It is an incredible thing to witness newborn loggerhead turtles make their journey to the ocean. Even better when it happens just as you are enjoying the beach with your loved ones during your family photography session. To witness such an event is a unique experience that will leave everyone in awe. Family photography preserves that moment in time and can be shared for generations to come. Every time you walk by your wall of art, a wave of happiness will come over you as you recall the joy of that day.


Ideal setting for visual story-telling, with no shortage of local lore.

Ocean Isle Beach has seen its share of settlements, plantations, pirates, and presidents. Local legends tell tales about a different time when it was patrolled by naval ships. You will find several different markers all throughout Brunswick County noting significant events. The George Washington tree is an especially unique piece of history that has been passed down throughout generations. Washington came through the area during his *tour of the states in 1917*(double check that) and visited a veteran of the prominent Gause family. The legend told by the family is that Washington swam blissfully in the waterway on their land surrounded by breathtaking live oak trees. George Washington was in awe of the natural beauty. Hundreds of years later, Ocean Isle Beach has grown in ways that would seem unrecognizable to what it once was. Today you can still find the land lined with ancient live oak trees and witness the beauty of it’s sunsets.

Odell Williamson, also known as “the father of Brunswick County”, was one of the original investors in what is now known as Ocean Isle Beach. He was a veteran and land developer who began purchasing land around 1947. Ocean Isle Beach was made from sand taken out of the Intracoastal waterway. Williamson was an integral part of what makes Ocean Isle Beach and his family still live in the area.

The coast is full of surprises.

In early 2022, OIB underwent an extensive effort in the battle against erosion. Previously there were entire rows of houses at risk of one day behind washed away in the waves. Some were just feet away from the water. After the Ocean Isle Beach renourishment projects, the beach has been widened featuring a new terminal groin. You can find a variety of shells and shark teeth on the island, including the wildly sought-after megalodon! There are several walking paths through the tidal marsh areas along the Intracoastal waterway.

As a professional photographer, I can confidently say that Ocean Isle Beach is a stunning location for photoshoots. The natural beauty of the area is unparalleled, with its miles of pristine sandy beaches and crystal clear waters. The sunset over the ocean is particularly breathtaking, providing the perfect backdrop for a romantic couple’s photoshoot or an adventurous elopement.


The best spots for the best shots.

The Ocean Isle Fishing Pier is a prime location for an adventure photoshoot. With its long, wooden structure extending out into the ocean, it provides a unique and dramatic setting for photos. The pier’s vantage point offers a stunning view of the horizon and the surrounding coastline, making it the perfect backdrop for capturing memories of a beach adventure.

The Ocean Isle Beach Nature Trail is a hidden gem for nature photography. Its peaceful gardens and wetlands provide a picturesque setting for a family photoshoot or a solo portrait session. The center’s boardwalk and observation tower offer panoramic views of the surrounding landscape, making it an ideal location for capturing the beauty of the outdoors.

The Ocean Isle Beach Museum is a historic spot that is perfect for artistic portrait photography. The museum’s charming architecture and vintage decor provide a unique and stylish setting for photos. Its location on the beach offers a variety of backgrounds, including the ocean, sand dunes, and colorful beach houses.

The Intracoastal Waterway is a beautiful spot for couple’s adventure photography. The winding waterways and lush vegetation provide a serene and romantic setting for photos. The area’s peaceful atmosphere and stunning sunsets make it the perfect location for capturing the essence of a couples’ adventures together.

The Ocean Isle Beach 4th St Beach Access Trail is a scenic hiking trail that is ideal for family adventure photography. The trail’s winding path through the dunes and coastal scrub provides a beautiful and natural setting for photos. The trail’s stunning views of the ocean and the surrounding landscape make it the perfect spot for capturing memories of a family adventure.

Photos Taken in Ocean Isle Beach

Adventure couples beach photography session Ocean Isle Beach, NC tour.

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