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About The Area

Ocean Isle Beach, North Carolina is a dreamy little seaside town in Brunswick County that is approximately 5 miles long. Also known as the “Gem of the Brunswick Islands”, you will certainly find your adventure here in OIB. This man-made barrier island all started as one man’s dream. Today it is a bustling beach town. If you’re looking for the perfect date-night adventures or family fun activities, you’ll find your tribe in Ocean Isle Beach. 


The soft sand beaches with crystal blue water make a stunning background.

Featuring miles of soft white sand beaches and crystal blue waters, Ocean Isle Beach is paradise right on the Carolina coast. When you cross over the OIB bridge, you will find the road lined with various local small businesses, including restaurants, homemade ice cream, slushies, putt mini-golfing, a museum, and more. Out of all the beaches making up the South Brunswick Islands, Ocean Isle Beach is not one you will be bored with.


“During an Ocean Isle Beach family photography session, you’ll focus more on your loved ones than your camera. I photograph stories and the beauty of the human experience. I want to capture authentic feelings and candid moments that tell a story. Your story!”

– Taylor


Breath-taking views that will inspire any adventurers.


Ocean Isle Beach is an easy-going little seaside town in Brunswick County, North Carolina. Not only does Ocean Isle have breathtaking views and unlimited adventures, but the land itself also has a deep history too. People from all over the world come to enjoy this little slice of paradise. Ocean Isle Beach, or OIB, is known as the “Gem of the Brunswick Islands” – for good reason too. This man-made barrier island all started as a dream by a man who transformed the area into what it is today. Families from all over the world vacation in Ocean Isle Beach for its soft sand beaches and laid-back atmosphere. During the busy summer season, the town puts on different events in the town center park including summer concerts, incredible local restaurants, homemade ice cream, put putt mini golf, movies in the park, and more. Oh yeah, and did I mention the world-class beach? Ocean Isle Beach is one of the most popular of the South Brunswick Islands for families. It’s easy to see why. OIB has grown from a man’s dream to the perfect beach getaway for families and couples.


Natural beauty is abundant in Ocean Isle Beach. The mainland features many live oak trees along the Intracoastal waterway. The Island has soft sand, tall dunes, and beach grass blowing in the breeze. The iconic OIB pier stretches out into the Atlantic and is a perfect location for beach family portraits!


Unique location for Family Beach Photography.


Ocean Isle Beach is a turtle nesting ground for several species including endangered loggerhead turtles. It is important to keep this in mind, especially when visiting during the nesting season months between April – October. I prefer to shoot during sunset hours to get the best light and colorful skies, and turtles often boil around the same time. I have had turtles hatch right next to us during a family photo shoot on the beach! It is an incredible thing to witness newborn loggerhead turtles make their journey to the ocean. Even better when it happens just as you are enjoying the beach with your loved ones during your family photography session. To witness such an event is a unique experience that will leave everyone in awe. Family photography preserves that moment in time and can be shared for generations to come. Every time you walk by your wall of art, a wave of happiness will come over you as you recall the joy of that day.


Capture your special family moments with the best professional Photography experience against mind-blowing scenery


The views are truly endless in OIB, making it a popular location for portrait and nature photographers alike. I’ve been lucky enough to live in the area all my life and I am still amazed by every sunset. My favorite locations are ones near the water where you can watch the sun go below the horizon. I love capturing families’ special moments against such mind-blowing scenery. What better way to keep your most treasured memories safe?


Ocean Isle Beach family photography sessions are the best investment for those who value quality time with those they love most. When people cross over that bridge and see the view from above, it’s hard to not get excited. Fond memories are made on Ocean Isle Beach and professional photography ensures they won’t fade away. Investing in preserving your most precious moments can only increase in value as years go by.


OIB is a wonderful location for any type of photoshoot.

You’ll never regret taking time for family photos. Capturing these fleeting moments that mean the most. Book the best Ocean Isle Beach photographer and you’ll always have a happy reminder of the time spent on that barrier island along the Atlantic.


For many people, OIB has become their favorite beach along the east coast. Vacation family portraits are a fun tradition for many of my clients who create yearly family photo albums. Photo albums are one of my signature products clients love because it tells their personal story in a timeless fashion.


Ideal setting for visual story-telling, through photography.

Ocean Isle Beach has a rich history of settlements, plantations, pirates, and presidents. Local legends tell tales about a different time when it was patrolled by naval ships. You will find several different markers all throughout Brunswick County noting significant events. The George Washington tree is an especially unique piece of history that has been passed down throughout generations. Washington came through the area during his *tour of the states in 1917*(double check that) and visited a veteran of the prominent Gause family. The legend told by the family is that Washington swam blissfully in the waterway on their land surrounded by the breathtaking live oak trees. George Washington was in awe of the natural beauty. Hundreds of years later, Ocean Isle Beach has grown in ways that would seem unrecognizable to what it once was. Today you can still find the land lined with ancient live oak trees and witness the beauty of it’s sunsets.


Odell Williamson, also known as “the father of Brunswick County”, was one of the original investors in what is now known as Ocean Isle Beach. He was a veteran and land developer who began purchasing land around 1947. Ocean Isle Beach was made from sand taken out of the Intracoastal waterway. Williamson was an integral part of what makes Ocean Isle Beach and his family still live in the area.


The island has become a haven of scenic vistas and charming spots!

In early 2022, OIB underwent an extensive effort in the battle against erosion. Previously there were entire rows of houses at risk of one day behind washed away in the waves. Some were just feet away from the water. After the Ocean Isle Beach renourishment projects, the beach has been widened featuring a new terminal groin. You can find a variety of shells and shark teeth on the island, including the wildly sought-after megalodon! There are several walking paths through the tidal marsh areas along the Intracoastal waterway. There are countless locations in Ocean Isle that are perfect for your next family photography session!



Where is Ocean Isle Beach located?

Ocean Isle Beach, Brunswick County, North Carolina, United States

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