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Tucked between the metropolitan areas of Wilmington and Myrtle Beach, you can find a little slice of tropical paradise. Famous for its golden sunsets, soft sand beaches, and laid-back family-friendly environments – Holden Beach, NC is the kind of place you’ll never want to leave. This seaside town has a way of making even the busiest bees take time to stop and smell the roses. This charming North Carolina beach is actually a southern-facing island that features 9 miles of oceanfront, making it the most significant barrier island of the South Brunswick coast. “Golden Holden,” as some commonly call it, earns its nickname as a token to the stunning sunsets that light up the sky every evening. What started as plantation land in 1756 has been passed down through the Holden family for generations, and many of them are still local. Since then, the original land purchased by the Holden family has been separated into a few other small communities now known as Lockwood Folly and Varnamtown.


The Perfect Location for Family Beach Photos

Being a lifestyle family photographer in the area, it’s a no-brainer that Holden Beach would be at the top of my list of favorite locations to shoot at. If you’ve taken a look at my portfolio, you probably know by now that the sunsets on this island are absolutely gorgeous. The soft sand, the silhouettes of beachgrass atop the dunes, and the reflections of a colorful skyscape that are painted by the glistening waves… This location checks all the boxes for creating not only magical photos but an experience that will be worth looking back on for a lifetime.


Plenty of Potential for Adventure Photography

Adventure Photography is another of the things I specialize in, and Holden Beach has plenty of places to explore. Nearly all of them would make the perfect backdrop for photos taken along the way. Since it is a southern facing barrier island, the sun rises over the ocean and sets over the dunes. Sunsets are always a stunning display of natural beauty that is nothing short of awe-inspiring – they don’t call it “Golden Holden” for nothing! Watching the sun kiss the sea-oat-covered sand dunes and cast its mystical rays of color across a cloudy sky is a wonderful experience of its own, especially if you’re spending time with someone important. Having professional lifestyle photos of those special moments, that truly capture both the emotion and atmosphere, is what seals it in eternity.


Ideal for a Family-Friendly Vacation

There are many unique local businesses on the island and even more on the mainland – you can find Homemade ice cream, yummy breakfast bagels, mini-golf, waterpark, jet skis, and rentals for just about anything you could want at the beach. The streets are lined with pastel beach houses, there are always people out walking down the sidewalks, and the whole area just maintains a friendly small-town atmosphere that has been lost to most of the world. Recognized as the ‘family beach’ of Brunswick County, there is something on the island for everyone to enjoy. Families flock here from all over the country to soak up the sun rays with lots of beach days. Others travel here to go fishing or boating in the Intracoastal waterway. Regardless of what brought you here, photoshoots on Holden Beach are something everyone should experience and can be a great family bonding experience.


Where is Holden Beach located?

Holden Beach, Brunswick County, North Carolina, United States

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